Goldwater Lemonade


Twenty dollars and a dream.

Growing up who didn’t want to own their own lemonade stand? As a young child I could walk through my neighborhood and past numerous stands. Sadly not many of these lasted past a week of running. At Goldwater Lemonade we believe we have found the formula to operating a successful lemonade stand.

Goldwater Lemonade was founded on $20 and a childhood dream. A dream to own a successful lemonade stand. After developing a strong customer base and a popular recipe, we are on our way to quickly becoming one of the more successful lemonade stands. With an increase in profit of $174.03 during the first month, Goldwater Lemonade is off to a great start! While it is unlikely we will reproduce a nearly 900% increase in profit next month, we can certainly continue to grow our profit from what we have leanred this first month of operation.



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